How it Works

Here's a quick step by step rundown of how this all works...

1. You buy a Bitcoin Gift Voucher.

2. We post you (by Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded) a unique number and code which can be used to access your voucher, to view it, print it or download it. You can also use it to access (using your voucher details to sign in) our full FAQ and support system.

3. If you wish you can put the voucher in a card (Christmas or otherwise) and give it to someone. Or you can attach the voucher to an email. Or you can just forward the email we initially sent to you, to your intended recipient. (Or you can keep it for yourself!)

4. Your recipient gets them-self setup and ready to receive their first Bitcoins. We provide instructions, advice and support to help them through this important process.

5. When you or your awardee are ready, the voucher can be redeemed by running through a quick checklist to make sure everything's set up correctly and securely, and then clicking on a button.

6. We authenticate the redemption request and then we send the Bitcoins (£100 GBP worth at the market price at the time they are sent).

There are detailed instructions for each step in the process, but if you need further help or advice at any time you can contact us via email or our online support system.

We've worked extremely hard to keep everything as simple, safe and secure as possible.

Do have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) now for a little more insight if you wish. Some of it is accessible prior to you purchasing a voucher.

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