About Us

We are a bunch of scatterbrained internet, programming and design aficionados who are extremely excited by the whole concept of digital currency. We have a combined 34 years of software and web development experience - including raw, ground up coding of RSA encryption software for transmitting credit card information safely over the internet.

At first, briefly, we thought it (Bitcoin) was some corporate giant's idea that would benefit only the big corporate giants, like Disney Dollars.

And then the reality hit us like a ton of bricks. This is a revolution by any definition. This is massive. This is going to change the world! Why on earth didn't we think of it first!?

Well the answer to that last one is probably that it's stratospheric in its genius - our genius is a little more terra firma genius... or maybe subterranean... anyway BITCOIN!! WOW! AWESOME!!!


Jump in, the water's volatile - and extremely exciting!

The transparency bit...

  • We do make a small profit from the sale of these vouchers, that's definitely one of the reasons we've set up this service.
  • Another reason we've set up this service is that we wholeheartedly believe that digital currency is a force for good and will change the world for the better - and the more people who come aboard the quicker this revolution will come about.
  • Our profit margin is nowhere near what you might think - we have a number of costs involved including but not limited to Ebay fees, PayPal fees, support staff wages, server fees, currency exchange commissions and currency rate fluctuations.
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